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    Getting Care onto Development Agendas: How is IDS doing?

    On International Women’s Day Rosalind Eyben reflects on the Institute of Development Studies’ progress in raising the profile of care in development. Feminist scholar-activists at IDS have been working with global and national networks as part of a collective effort to have care recognised and integrated into development policies and programmes. International Women’s Day is a good moment to take stock of how they are doing. …

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    Getting Unpaid Care onto Development Agendas

    This policy briefing from Rosalind Eyben explains why care continues to be neglected in development policy and programming. It recommends the employment of three power tools to achieve a strategic succession of small wins with respect to naming, framing, claiming and programming care. …

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    Organizing Women Workers in the Informal Economy

    Organizing Women Workers in the Informal Economy: Beyond the Weapons of the Weak - a new book edited by Naila Kabeer, Ratna Sudarshan and Kirsty Milward and published by Zed is the first in a series on Feminisms in Development from the Pathways programme. This first book offers vibrant accounts of how women working as farm workers, sex workers, domestic workers, waste pickers, fisheries workers and migrant factory workers have organized for collective action. …