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    Beijing+20: Where Now for Gender Equality?

    The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA), celebrated by feminist activists as a triumph for women's rights, is 20 years old. The world that it once described has changed profoundly in some respects, and yet in others remains surprisingly similar. This IDS Bulletin reflects on those changes and continuities, tracing the trajectories of the Beijing conference in different policy arenas, national settings and domains of practice. …

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    Re-gendering the United Nations: Old Challenges and New Opportunities

    This chapter portrays the experiences of feminists confronting institutionalised discrimination within the UN bureaucratic machine. It documents how over four years of difficult negotiations, feminist advocates inside and outside the bureaucracy contributed to the successful merger of four UN organisations into a new UN entity: UN Women. …

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    Transformative, Feminist Change Beyond Beijing

    Two decades ago more than 17,000 advocates for women’s rights from around the world gathered in Beijing, China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. Alongside them over 30,000 women’s rights activists attended the parallel NGO Forum held in nearby Huairou. …