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    Challenging Patriarchy: Unsettling Men and Masculinities

    This virtual IDS Bulletin on Challenging Patriarchy is presented in time for the Second Global Symposium on ‘Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Justice’, in Delhi November 2014, in order to contribute to ongoing political conversations, by highlighting significant articles from IDS Bulletins since the turn of the millennium. Much has happened since 2000, when Cornwall and White presented a first IDS Bulletin on Men, Masculinities and Development (2000), exploring how masculinities had been finding its way onto the lexicon and agendas of Gender and Development (GAD).  The queering of gender and its unsettling implications for our understandings of sexualities, pleasure and also masculinities in GAD, was forcefully presented in Cornwall and Jolly’s IDS Bulletin arguing that Sexuality Matters (2006).  More recently, a bulletin presented by Edström, Das and Dolan aimed at Undressing Patriarchy (2014) and connected perspectives from feminist, sexual rights and masculinities fields to explore the topic in a direction of intersectionality and deeper structures of constraint to gender equality. …

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    Images of Caring Men

    The Center for Gender and Social Transformation (CGST) based at the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University is organising a photo exhibition at the Dhaka Art Center in Dhanmandi from 23-28 August 2014 as part of their work on unpaid care. Organised in partnership with Actionaid Bangladesh and the Dhaka Art Center, entitled 'Bhinno Rupe Purush' (Images of Caring Men), the photo exhibition is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.  …

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    On International Women's Day: A Tribute to the Men who Risk their Lives for Gender Justice

    In this blog for the IDS Participation, Power and Social Change Team, Mariz Tadros pays tribute to the men who choose to be positive deviants and who even put their lives at risk to support a more humane society. …