Pathways Latin America Hub is led by the Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies Nucleus (NEIM) at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. Focusing mainly on Brazil, the hub also works with an extensive network of women’s organisations across the region.

The Latin America Hub places women’s struggles for institutional change at the heart of its analysis of change in women’s lives. Researchers have sought to explore how effective social mobilisation has been in bringing about improvements in laws, policies and state institutions as well as in women’s everyday lives.

Featured Research Projects


The Latin America Hub is based at:

The Nucleus for Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies, Brazil

Estrada de Sao Lazaro
197 – Federacao
40.210-730, Salvador


Silvia de Aquino Ana Alice Costa Silvia Lucia Ferreira Terezinha Goncalves Marcia Macedo Nadja Pinheiro Lea Santana (Communications Officer)