The purpose of the Global Hub has been to focus its attention on global institutions and international policy arenas as a site for research and advocacy.

Global policy spaces are those where ideas and norms about approaches to development are proposed, defended and contested.

The Global Hub’s aim has been to work with and support those feminists active in global arenas – in civil society networks, inside governments, in international development agencies, academia or in the media – with new ideas and knowledge for making more informed decisions as to where and how to invest their energies. Thus through their actions they can be more fruitful in supporting the construction of pathways of women’s empowerment.

Featured Research Projects


The Global Hub is based at:

The Institute of Development Studies, UK

Pathways of Women’s Empowerment
Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex
East Sussex


Stephanie Barrientos (University of Manchester)
Susan Jolly (Ford Foundation)
Celestine Nyamu (University of Nairobi)


UN Women