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Year: 2009 Type: Report Language: English

This report, presented to the 'Pathways: What are we Learning?' Conference held in Cairo from 20-24 January 2009 is based on a study of women in Local Government in Bangladesh, and seeks to examine the levels, margins and boundaries of the re-definitions and contestations of the existing values, traditions and spaces of women both in the private and public sphere. The obstacles faced by women in doing so and their responses, as well as struggles, to overcome those also constituted a major focus of the study. The challenges of breaking into a restrictive system and the strategies and paths adopted by the councillors in carving out spaces are presented in this paper. Finally the report trenched out the emergence of new voices, spaces and the march of women towards the creation of structures, more amenable to social justice, equity and human needs. The methodology is based on a survey of over 600 women councillors, in-depth interviews of women and male councillors, Focus Group Discussions of community people and councillors and case histories of 35 selected women councillors. The fieldwork covered a period of eight months in 2007-2008; and was carried out in thirteen Districts of all six Divisions of the country.