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Year: 2013 Type: Book Chapter Language: English

This chapter shares insights from a place-based, women-centred programme of Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad (Uttarakhand Women’s Federation), a network of around 16,000 rural women in the hill villages of the state of Uttarakhand, in India. There are 465 whole village women’s groups (WVGs) spread over seven districts of the state, which constitute the federation. In particular, Pande highlights the point that the dynamics of local livelihoods is governed by a gender dynamic embedded in the community way of life. However, with increasing awareness about gender issues and with the improving reach of global market forces in villages, this dynamic of community life is changing. The process of change is complex because it demands a complete reorganization from traditional ways of life to communities embracing new livelihood options based on the requirements of globalization. The chapter also shows how process-based, holistic approaches to gender can build capacities of rural women to create and sustain social relationships and networks that can address challenges emerging from women’s changing positions in rural societies.

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