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Year: 2011 Type: Book Language: Bangla and English

Ogni O Jol is a collection of eleven short stories by young and established writers, and three papers by researchers. Two of the stories are in English and all others in Bangla. This book comes from a project conducted by Shamim Azad who gathered researchers from Nigeria, England, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh to conduct a workshop named 'Pathways of Women Empowerment'. Twenty five authors took part in the six month long workshop. Firdous Azim, well known Professor of English, shares her views about transforming research work into fiction. The association of young and old writers throws light on issues like writing mentorship, sharing experience with the literary icons like Selina Hossain and the new journey of non-fiction to fiction. All the eleven stories are about women. In one way or the other the writers depict their characters as liberated beings.

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