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Year: 2008 Type: Report Language: English

This report covers the second meeting of the Global Programme Advisory Group (GPAG) of the Pathways to Women’s Empowerment Research Programme Consortium (RPC), which is a five year programme funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). A group from civil society, academia and international development agencies, the GPAG’s purpose is to help ensure academic quality of research and effectiveness of the Global Hub communications strategy. This second GPAG meeting follows that held on 16-17 November 2006 where the advisory group reviewed initial research project proposals. Findings to date from these projects were presented to this second meeting. The afternoon session reviewed connections to other parts of the RPC, funding and budgeting, communications, and overall Global Hub strategy. Members saw communications as needing continued strategic action, in terms of actively engaging in new global spaces. In concluding reflection, members said they were pleased to see that the Global Hub had broadened its scope and that so much attention was being placed on the process components of the research, rather than a sole focus on publications. Output and strategy were agreed, as was a next meeting to be held after the upcoming January 2009 RPC mid-term review.