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Year: 2011 Type: Case Study Language: English

This presentation made to the Pathways South Asia Hub Final Conference held in Dhaka from 26-28 July 2011, reflected on the Digital Story-Telling Workshops organized by the Pathways Programme. Digital Stories are 2-4 minute “films” that individuals create by combing their own narration with personal photographs, scanned artefacts and music to share a story about their own life. These workshops, which focused on stories of empowerment, were held in order to counter mainstream narratives of women’s lives and create an opportunity to document stories that may not be heard otherwise. Empowerment means different things to different people and the participants brought their own experiences and understandings of it to the workshop, some of which the organisers attempted to challenge and others which challenged us. Excerpts from select digital stories were screened to highlight the potential of this medium to counter dominant representations and challenge mainstream narratives. The presentation critically reflected on this approach in terms of its relation to technology and also in being able to craft one's own story for others.