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Year: 2014 Type: Book Chapter Language: English

In this chapter, the authors draw on a project that explored the gendered stereotypes of women in Ghanaian popular music, and sought to contribute to reflection on, and creation of, alternative (empowering) narratives about women through song. The project involved an extensive analysis of the lyrics of music produced by Ghanaian popular artistes since the 1930s, using emerging themes as an entry point for workshops with popular artistes.

Focus groups and workshops with those involved in the music industry as producers and consumers of popular music in Ghana, contributed to a process that brought scholar-activists, music producers and music consumers together in a conversation that culminated in a competition to generate ‘empowering songs’. This chapter reflects on representations of women in Ghanaian popular music culture, and the challenge of change. 

Resource is unavailable online, but can be viewed at the British Library of Development Studies in Brighton,