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Directors: Kat Mansoor

Year: 2009 Type: Film Language: English

For Negra Jho, a hairdresser whose salon lies in the heart of the old centre of the city of Salvador - where more than 80% of the population are black - beauty is politics. In a context in which centuries of racism have shaped ideas of beauty, the politics of our hair gains new significance. Brazilian society has privileged images of white women as icons of beauty. Black women have grown up being told that their hair is ugly, and that beautiful hair is straight and smooth. Affirming black beauty becomes a political project in a country that has projected an image of the sultry 'mulatto' to the world, while white Brazilian models and TV presenters grace television screens and gossip pages. Afro-Brazilian culture has gained prominence in recent years, and the Brazilian Black and Black Feminist movements are strong and visible, promoting different images of black women. In this film, Negra Jho shares her reflections on hair, politics and life.