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Post-Conflict Politics

Women and Politics in Sierra Leone


This collection of resources examines the role Sierra Leonean women played in civil war and peace negotiations. They also examine campaigns for gender equality and women participation in national and local politics in a post civil war country.

Sierra Leone is still recovering from a brutal and devastating civil war that lasted for almost 11 years (1991-2002). Women felt the full force of this conflict and are still struggling to gain access to political, educational, economic, social and cultural resources and justice.

Sierra Leone has had two national and two local post war elections, but despite some positive changes, especially at the local level, women continue to struggle and are still underrepresented in politics.

Despite their lack of involvement in politics, women and women’s organisations are playing a vital role in promoting peace and leading high profile campaigns to increase women’s representation in public life.

Gender equality is essential for sustainable development and peace-building, and is supported and recognised by the United Nations Security Council, who view crisis prevention, conflict management, warfare, and peace-building as highly gendered activities. The U.N. also describes women’s activities and their experiences in conflict as having important social, political and economic consequences for the post-conflict restructuring and peace-building process of a nation.

These resources feature a Sundance 2013 nominated film, a unique illustrated comic, infographics and text resources exploring the 30% parliamentary quota for women, the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, and women’s continued advocacy for participation in politics.