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Lady Health Workers

Lady Health Worker Programme in Pakistan


This collection of resources focus on the Lady Health Worker Programme (LHWP) in Pakistan. A major public sector initiative supplying reproductive health-care to women in rural Pakistan.

The programme employs almost 100,000 women as community health workers and all services are provided by women frontline workers. The LHWP directly addresses women’s reproductive health needs by providing women with information, basic services and access to further health-care, and is the most important link between rural communities and primary health care in the country.

The Pakistan government has realised the enormous potential and benefits of the LHWP and has begun to publicly define it as a women’s empowerment and health initiative. The government did not state this when the programme first began, demonstrating the power and success of the programme.

LHWs are shown respect within their communities, reflecting the increasing recognition of the need for health care, family planning and women entering the workplace in Pakistan.

These women are crossing class and caste barriers and have become role models for girls, showing what positive changes education and employment can bring to the lives of women.

In using these resources, students will be provided with a valuable insight into women’s empowerment occurring through national health-care programmes and will better understand the impacts entering paid work can have for women and their communities.

Explore these resources and activities in detail as they highlight the many benefits of women’s health programmes in Pakistan and their empowering effects on women’s lives.