Egyptian women’s participation in protests and marches is often met with anger and violence by those in Egypt who do not want to see changes to women’s rights and hear women expressing their voices.

Since 2010, public protests and demonstrations against the government increased in Egypt, firstly against Mubarak’s regime and then against President Morsi’s post-revolution government. Members from all social groups in Egypt were taking part in these protests demanding various rights and freedoms, including women activists who were fighting for women’s empowerment and gender equality in Egypt. During these protests, harassment, insults, fear and violence from government-supporters were used to try to curb women’s participation. Despite these risks, these women will not be intimidated and prevented from protesting and expressing their voices.

Watch this provocative film and follow Abbia’s account of taking part in a march against sexual harassment in Cairo. Gain first-hand insight into the hostility and intimidation aimed at women who participate in protests and stand up for the rights of women in Egypt, and how these women refuse to have their voices silenced.