Hanan is a wedding filmmaker in the city of Hebron. She is 45 and a mother of 6 children. She used to be a flower arranger but was always interested in the art of film-making.

When the opportunity arose to participate in a film making course for women Hanan took it. Film making, in Palestine, has traditionally been a male profession.

The lack of women film makers and the gender segregation of weddings has meant that the female side of weddings has not been well documented, until now.

Hanan is regarded as one of the most sensitive and careful wedding filmmakers in Hebron, and is now called upon to document the weddings of religious leaders.

Her story provides a fascinating peek into the hidden lives of women in Palestine and their freedoms within a society of strict beliefs relating to what women can and can’t do.

Watch this film as it explores in detail the religious, social and political complexities which have influenced the filmmaker on her pathway to empowerment, and join Hanan as she shares her experiences as a Woman in Work.