This film follows the lives of 3 women elected into Ghana’s District Assemblies and tells their story, through their own words, as they explore the factors that make running in elections difficult for women.

District Assemblies are political regions in Ghana that deal with local politics. They are non-partisan, which means their members should not favour any particular political party’s views. Between the 2002 and 2006 local elections the number of women candidates standing for election almost doubled due to women’s increasing awareness of the role they can play in their communities, however, this number was still relatively low compared to male candidates and, in the end, women still only make up 10% of the District Assemblies.

Watch this documentary and follow these 3 remarkable women as they share their experiences, including difficulties and successes, and talk about what inspired them to stand for election and represent their communities. Exploring the many social, economic and cultural/religious factors that cause deep-rooted inequalities between men and women and ultimately make it very difficult for women to enter politics in Ghana.

This film ‘Honorable’ is based on Pathways West Africa research and was made in collaboration with the filmmaker Yaba Badoe.