Salvador is a much-photographed city, but beyond the gorgeous beaches and the romantic splendour of the historic centre are informal settlements (Favelas), where the majority of Salvador’s inhabitants live.

Middle-class residents of the city rarely venture into these neighbourhoods.Yet every day, thousands of women travel from the poorer sections of the city to spend long hours cleaning homes, caring for children, washing clothes and preparing food for their employers.

These workers lives are hidden even though there are 8 million people listed as domestic workers, constituting around 17.8% of Brazil’s entire female workforce, domestic work is often unregistered, underpaid and undervalued within Brazilian society.

The Photovoice Project in Salvador supported 12 domestic workers in completing a photography course. These domestic workers began documenting their everyday personal and working lives with cameras.

In the process these women generated a wealth of new perspectives on life as a domestic worker in Brazil.

Follow these unique images as they offer a fresh perspective on domestic work in Brazil, seen through the eyes of a domestic worker.