30% - Women in Politics in Sierra Leone, focuses on the Sierra Leonean women’s movement and their campaign for the increased participation of women in Sierra Leone politics and the realisation of a legislation which would see a minimum 30% quota of women in politics at a local and national level.

The story of a ten year battle to achieve a fair representation of women in the governance of Sierra Leone is revealed to us with passion by three extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds. Dr Bernadette Lahai of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, Barbara Bangura, National Coordinator Women’s Solidarity Support Group and Salamatu Kamara who has hopes to run as a member of parliament.

These women share their stories of the ‘road blocks’ women face within the world of politics in Sierra Leone.

This film is directed by Anna Cady and Emily Cooper, with animation by Emily Cooper, and was made as part of the ‘Real World’ scheme, which links talented young documentary filmmakers with academics from the Pathways consortium and provides them opportunities to collaborate on short documentaries exploring concepts around women’s empowerment.

This film was selected for screening at the 2013 Sundance Festival and was one of 65 films chosen from a record 8,102 submissions. It was also an official selection for the Montreal International Black Film Festival 2013.

30% has a unique style, which moves effortlessly between exquisite oil painted animation and live action film - transforming issues of gender and politics into compelling and thought provoking viewing.

Cast and Credits:

  • Director: Anna Cady
  • Screenwriters: Em Cooper, Anna Cady, Jenny Cuffe
  • Executive Producers: Tessa Lewin, Jo Nolan, Andrea Cornwall
  • Producer: Anna Cady
  • Cinematographer: Em Cooper
  • Editor: Anna Cady
  • Sound Design: Attic Sound and Music
  • Animator: Em Cooper