How to use this site to plan lessons

  • Download the Pathways Lesson Planning Document.

  • Select a Module and copy and paste the relevant text into the lesson planning template.

  • Select a country or a topic from the case study list e.g. Frontline Workers.

  • Select objectives if they suit your planning needs and copy and paste these into the template.

  • Select from a wide range of Resources:

    • Films
    • Comics
    • Info-graphics
    • Photo Galleries
    • Text
    • Timelines

Resources are in sequential order but resources have also been designed to be used as stand alone or in the order of your choice.

Each resource has overview text to give context and a set of resource specific activities. This can also be copy and pasted into the lesson planning document.

  • Select from a range of Activities to suit your lesson/student needs:
    • Connect
    • Create
    • Decide
    • Discuss
    • Words
    • Write

Activity type’s are presented by different colours. Each activity type and colour code relates to a different learning skill.

Activities are listed alphabetically and range from small - 5 minute starters, to large - single/double lesson. Use all activities within a resource, or select the activities that best suit your needs and place these into the lesson planing document.

You are also free to use resources and develop your own activities.

  • Print all downloadable resources and case study specific workbooks. These can be printed and used as handouts in class or for homework and revision.

  • Downloadable materials are:

    • Printable Comics
    • Age-appropriate text resources
    • Case study workbooks
    • Films

We understand how intensive the production of engaging and outstanding resources and activities can be.

Our hope is that you find this lesson planning template and the way this platform has been designed and presented helpful and time saving.