Focus group discussion


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Focus group discussions (FGDs) are an effective tool for enabling people to reflect on their experiences with projects or programmes and to discuss possible ways to make improvements. When undertaking focus group discussions there are some key principles for ensuring they are participative, allowing space for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard and captured. See Appendix 6 for a good practice guide for conducting FGDs (in English and French).

Enabling women to be active members of farmer organisations

As part of their PAL activities, WFP Guatemala carried out focus group discussions and interviews with field officers and women and men farmers to reflect on women's participation in the Purchase for Progress (P4P) programme. This included identifying good practices for enabling women to be active members of farmer organisations, which are traditionally the domain of men. The information gathered used to used to produce five 'Good Practice Briefing Papers', each one focused on a different theme. The PAL inquiry team also produced a video using footage from the action research