Sex, health and rights

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), including HIV, and Sexuality
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When Men Change

This is an educational video that tells the story of four men who have changed the way they think about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, and violence. The film also illustrates effective interventions for engaging men and boys in advancing gender equality and preventing gender-based violence in settings such as the health sector and the workplace. 

One Man Can Toolkit

The One Man Can Campaign encourages men to become actively involved in advocating gender equality, preventing gender-based violence and responding to HIV and AIDS. This action toolkit provides a range of resources including strategy recommendations, workshop activities and fact sheets for NGO’s or other organizations to support their work in engaging men to take action, strengthening community mobilization and conducting public awareness to change harmful gender norms. 

EMERGE Practice Brief: Lessons in good practice from work with men and boys for gender equality

This EMERGE practice brief pulls together lessons from good practice highlighted in the EMERGE case studies series. It will be useful for those designing and implementing projects, programmes and other initiatives to work with men and boys for gender equality. It addresses: how to focus or target an initiative with men and boys, designing a successful initiative, and challenges and future priorities.

‘The One Man Can model: Community mobilisation as an approach to promote gender equality and reduce HIV vulnerability in South Africa’ EMERGE Story of Change 6

This story of change pulls out the key findings and recommendations from EMERGE case study 6, which focuses on the One Man Can model in South Africa. One Man Can uses a community mobilisation approach to question gender norms and improve knowledge and practices around sexual and reproductive health. 

''One hand can't clap by itself': Engagement of boys and men in KMG's intervention to eliminate FGM-C in Kembatta zone, Ethiopia', EMERGE Story of Change 3

This story of change pulls out the key findings and messages from EMERGE case study 3, which focuses on the work of Kembatti Mentti Gezzimma (KMG) in Kembatta Zone, Ethiopia. KMG works with men, boys, women and girls as part of its efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation-cutting. 

Sex, Health and Rights

  1. Understanding the broad trends and shifts in SRH discourse and rights and how this influences more gender-equal participation in SRH
  2. Evidence on how institutions including SRH services, policies and programs have sought to promote men’s SRH and the influence of these processes on men and women’s SRH, and gender equity 
  3. Evidence on whether male involvement in SRH leads to more gender equitable norms and empowerment for women
  4. Evidence of successful policy efforts, programmatic solutions, and structural interventions such as education and economic security to promote men’s SRH while simultaneously promoting gender equality

World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development (WDR)

What is the relationship between gender equality and current economic processes? This report is an analysis of the state of gender equality worldwide, with a focus on the economics of gender equality and development. It provides a conceptual framework that examines the factors that have fostered change and the constraints that have slowed progress in relation to gender equity.


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