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The document library is a collection of the most salient literature, including datasets, books, articles and programme reports published in recent years, on engaging men and boys for gender equality. The documents are structured according to our nine priority themes.

Public and political participation

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Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, Institute of Development Studies, 2015

This story of change pulls out the key findings from EMERGE case study 4, which focuses on the work of the Samajhdar Jodidar project in rural Maharashta, India. The project works with men to catalyse change at personal and political levels in order to address women’s subordinate status in society. 

Taylor & Francis Online, 2013

How can social movements become more gender-just? This article illustrates the challenges and successes of integrating gender equality as a core principle into social justice movements.

Taylor & Francis, 2005

Can pro-democratic transitional contexts pose opportunities to women’s political participation? This article analyses the changes in the political landscape since 1994 in South Africa in terms of how they have shaped the women’s movement, enabling women to become agents of addressing colonial and racial oppression.

Taylor & Francis Online, 2013

What kind of strategies have encouraged men to promote gender equality in institutions such as the parliament? The parliament is a gendered institution which has been dominated by men throughout history. Women’s place in the public sphere was unheard of at the beginning of the 20th century, but feminist movements have played a key role in advancing women’s participation.

Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014

How can indigenous women’s political participation in positions of authority improve? Although there have been many initiatives promoting indigenous women’s political participation in Mexico, successes remain to be scarce.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 2006

What motivates men to support and promote gender equality? Can it only happen on the basis of altruism or do men have something to gain? For over thirty years gender politics have struggled to find answers to these questions. This paper provides an overview of the key debates on the relationship between men and gender mainstreaming.

SAGE Publications, 2014

Why are some men opposing the advancements towards gender equality? In the past 20 years, men’s rights groups have emerged in response to feminist activism and legal reforms in India.

Oxford Journals, 2010

How can community development initiatives contribute to changing men’s perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour in regard to promoting gender equality?

SAGE Publications, 2008

How have African men understood the shifts for women’s rights that have become integral to international declarations and grassroots activism? This article draws on ethnographic research from Kampala, exploring how ordinary men and women from urban Uganda understand women’s rights and notions of masculinity.

Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2015
How the Samajhdar Jodidar project in rural Maharashtra, India, engages men to support women's participation in local politics.