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The document library is a collection of the most salient literature, including datasets, books, articles and programme reports published in recent years, on engaging men and boys for gender equality. The documents are structured according to our nine priority themes.

Sex, Health and Rights

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Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, IDS, 2015

This story of change pulls out the key findings and recommendations from EMERGE case study 6, which focuses on the One Man Can model in South Africa. One Man Can uses a community mobilisation approach to question gender norms and improve knowledge and practices around sexual and reproductive health. 

Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, IDS, 2015
How men and boys are engaged in KMG's intervention to eliminate FGM-C in Ethiopia
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), 2010

How can policies be designed to successfully improve men and women’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH)?

NIH Public Access, 2009

How can men be supported to overcome rigid gender norms that can be damaging to their own and their partners’ SRH?

UN Millennium Project, 2006

What are the key issues around involving men in reproductive health? This paper reviews a variety of existing global data on men’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs, attitudes and practices and identifies current gaps in this body of knowledge.

Oxford University Press, 2004

Does men’s involvement in SRH increase their power over their female partners or does it actually help to empower women? What is the impact of involving men in areas that have traditionally been the domain of women, such as childcare, pregnancy and fertility control?

Sonke Gender Justice Network, 2012

What are the best practices to promote men’s involvement in SRH while simultaneously promoting gender equality? This report argues that engaging men in SRH and gender equality can lead to better SRH outcomes for men and women, and prevent reinforcing male power over reproductive and sexual decision-making.

Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, IDS, 2015
How the One Man Can community mobilisation approach engages men for gender equality and HIV prevention
IDS, Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, 2015

This story of change pulls out the key findings and messages from EMERGE case study 3, which focuses on the work of Kembatti Mentti Gezzimma (KMG) in Kembatta Zone, Ethiopia. KMG works with men, boys, women and girls as part of its efforts to eliminate female genital mutilation-cutting.