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The document library is a collection of the most salient literature, including datasets, books, articles and programme reports published in recent years, on engaging men and boys for gender equality. The documents are structured according to our nine priority themes.


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Journal of Adolescent Health, 2007

What are the best practices and strategies for schools to improve sexual behaviour among youth? To contribute to this evidence, this article systematically reviewed 83 studies from both developed and developing countries that measured the impact of school-based sex and HIV education programs on sexual behaviour among youth under 25.

Plan International, 2008

This campaign report reviews Plan International’s global campaign to end violence against children in schools across the 66 countries that Plan operates in. The report builds on a systematic and extensive literature review on school violence as well as telephone and email interviews with government and NGO experts from Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Population Council, 2009

This report provides the rationale for, content, development, sample activities, and effective teaching methods for integrating gender and rights into a sexuality and HIV curriculum for young people aged 15 or older in or out of schools.

UNESCO, 2003

What is the current progress that countries have made to attain universal primary and secondary education, to improve literacy and educational quality for boys and girls? To address the status of this global commitment, this report offers a comprehensive review of gender disparities in school retention, repetition and attainment.

Routledge, 2008

This book includes contributions from educational researchers evaluating the field of gender and education. The book offers global best practices in schools for promoting gender equality, the direction of educational policy and how to address 'problem of boys', and how factors including social class, ethnicity and sexuality relate with young people’s school experiences.

Men’s Studies Press, 2012

What do we know about the benefits to men and women when gender equality is a critical and prioritized component of school based curriculums? This article reviews such positive outcomes by assessing the impact of structured, participatory and conscious raising education programs that promoted gender equality in school settings in Brazil, the Balkans, and India.