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The document library is a collection of the most salient literature, including datasets, books, articles and programme reports published in recent years, on engaging men and boys for gender equality. The documents are structured according to our nine priority themes.

Social trends and gender norms

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World Values Survey AssociationWorld Values Survey Association,

World Values Survey (WVS) is a global research project that explores people’s values and beliefs, their stability or change over time and their impact on social and political development of the societies in different countries of the world.

The World Bank, 2012

What is the relationship between gender equality and current economic processes? This report is an analysis of the state of gender equality worldwide, with a focus on the economics of gender equality and development. It provides a conceptual framework that examines the factors that have fostered change and the constraints that have slowed progress in relation to gender equity.

IDS, 2016

This briefing highlights some implications for policy from the learning in the EMERGE project. It makes the case for reframing policy on gender equality in order to more productively factor in men and boys, and it suggests actions and approaches that policy makers can take to reframe policy in this area. 

IDS, Sonke Gender Justice, Promundo, 2016

Gender inequality remains a critical challenge and threatens to severely undermine progress towards the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). This continued challenge is recognised in the policies and commitments of various development agencies.

Institute of Development Studies, 2013

Does economic growth in itself contribute to gender equality? This resource ultimately suggests that the relationship between gender equality and economic growth is an asymmetrical one.

Oxfam and Taylor & Francis, 2011

What is the role of migration in changing gender norms, and how is it hindering or helping gender equality? This collection of essays aims to help us understand the experience of migration on livelihoods, and the way in which migration is affecting gender relations and equity.

International Center for Research on Women and Instituto Promundo, 2011

Are men evolving in their practices and attitudes related to gender equality? Changes in gender attitudes do seem to be happening as younger men and men with higher levels of education show more gender equitable attitudes and practices. The evidence is presented in this report summarizes the initial, comparative analysis of The International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES).

IDS, Promundo, Sonke Gender Justice, 2015

This EMERGE practice brief pulls together lessons from good practice highlighted in the EMERGE case studies series. It will be useful for those designing and implementing projects, programmes and other initiatives to work with men and boys for gender equality.