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Lima, D; Medrado, B; Carolo, H; Nascimento, M
Culturasalud, 2013

This manual includes a conceptual framework, activities and a list of resources for working with adolescent and young men in the prevention of violence. The activities are based around three main topics: young men and their emotions, the socialization of gender and construction of masculinities, and types of gender violence and their effects for young men and their environment.  

Training and community work curricula
Source: Promundo
Emergent Media Center at Champlain College
Emergent Media Center at Champlain College, with Population Media Centre and UNFPA, 2013

Breakaway is a free online video game co-produced by UNFPA launched during the World Cup in South Africa as part of the UN Secretary-General's UNITE Campaign to reach out to boys aged 8-11 with the aim of changing gender dynamics. The video can be a helpful resource for teaching purposes to introduce concepts of gender. More information about the campaign can be found here: and here:

A facilitators guide in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese is available via this link:

The actual game is available here:

Promundo, Instituto PAPAI, Salud Y Género, ECOS
Promundo, 2013

The Program HMD toolkit for action presents a shorter version of the approach contained in Promundo’s Programs H and M. This toolkit seeks to make the model accessible by providing learning activities and case studies for discussion, with the aim of increasing the number of teachers, facilitators, youth workers, coaches, and health workers who can become gender equality activists – engaging young people to achieve lives free of inequalities, discrimination, and violence, and with full access to and knowledge about sexual health and other health services. 

Training and community work curricula
Source: Promundo