Mobilising men in practice: Challenging sexual and gender based violence in institutional settings

This guide brings together stories, tools and lessons from the Mobilising Men programme. This programme, a collaboration between the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the United Nations Population Fund (UNDP) and civil society organisations in India, Kenya and Uganda, explored ways of engaging men as gender activists within the institutions in which they belong. The guide is intended to inspire and guide others who are committed to engaging more men in efforts to address sexual and gender based violence within the institutions in which we live our lives.

MenEngage African Training Initiative: Overview and Course Materials

This booklet provides key information about the MenEngage Africa Training Initiative (MATI). The vision for MATI is to build a dynamic, vocal and visible network of leaders and gender justice advocates that will drive the gender equality and human rights agenda on the African continent. The booklet gives a summary of the MATI course curriculum and includes a CD containing the modules, which can also be accessed online. 

A training manual on masculinities and engaging men to end gender based violence

This training manual was developed as part of FEMNET’s Men to Men approach and regional programme. The overall goal of the programme is to create a critical mass of African men who are able to influence communities, organizations and the public to believe in and practise gender equality as a norm. The manual on masculinities provides rich content for trainers and facilitation tips for each session.


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