'Living Peace: From conflict to coping in Democratic Republic of Congo' EMERGE Case study 7

Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice, IDS, September 2015
Promoting more equitable gender norms in post-conflict DRC
Hassink, A (2015) ‘Living Peace: From conflict to coping in Democratic Republic of Congo’, EMERGE Case Study 7, Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton: IDS

Conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has caused millions of people to lose their lives, suffer displacement or become the victims or perpetrators of violence. Although there has been a spotlight on sexual violence as a weapon of war, much less attention has been given to the psychological impact of conflict on both men and women, in particular, the dramatic changes that gender roles and masculinities undergo as a result of conflict, which can perpetuate violence. This case study outlines the approach, pilot, scale up and lessons learned of the Living Peace methodology in DRC, which provides psychosocial support through group therapy for men (and their partners). Living Peace’s successes and challenges can inform the design and implementation of psychosocial support models for men and women who have experienced trauma, to reduce gender based violence (GBV), promote healing, restore relationships and rebuild communities in post-conflict settings.

Authors: Hassink, A
Licence: CC BY 2.0