Kicking Little Rocks (Chutando Pedrinhas)

Kicking Little Rocks is a children’s book that presents a father and his daughter, addressing how certain gender norms and expectations limit the daughter’s desires and dreams. Through dialogue and affection, the father and daughter challenge old concepts and build the foundations for an education based on equality and respect for individual personality. The story is a product of the collective work of a group of 17 girls who live in Rio de Janeiro and can be used by parents or teachers to talk about gender equality. 

When Men Change

This is an educational video that tells the story of four men who have changed the way they think about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, and violence. The film also illustrates effective interventions for engaging men and boys in advancing gender equality and preventing gender-based violence in settings such as the health sector and the workplace. 

Virtual knowledge centre to end violence against women and girls: men and boys module

In collaboration with the MenEngage Alliance and with support from UNIFEM, Promundo produced a module for the virtual knowledge centre on how to work with men and boys in the prevention of violence against women and girls. The module provides guidance on how to engage men and boys drawing on the knowledge of experts and on existing programmes that work. It walks you through the programming cycle giving step-by-step guidance with illustrative case studies and links to tools and other resources.

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