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Making unpaid care work visible in Uganda: Capacity building workshop report

This report describes a workshop held in Kampala, Uganda in July 2013. The workshop aimed to begin the development of a collective advocacy strategy to raise the visibility of women's care work and push the state to take on greater responsibility for care work.

  • Uganda: Involving men and women in care work

    This case study report from Oxfam focuses on value chain development (VCD) in Uganda and argues that it is possible to change gender norms and relations that have existed for generations, improving development outcomes significantly. It highlights that unpaid care work and unequal division of labour between women and men are largely invisible in development policy and programmes.

    from Oxfam
  • Video: Making care visible in Uganda

    This short video explains how women struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet, amidst their care roles. ActionAid Uganda are calling on the government to provide subsidized day care facilities to enable women pursue their sources of livelihoods with a peace of mind. 

    from ActionAid Uganda
  • Radio adverts from ActionAid Uganda

    These adverts from ActionAid Uganda were aired on the radio.