Unpaid care workshop in Kenya

Our approach to making unpaid care work visible in Kenya uses photographs and videos taken by women members of ‘reflect groups’ in the communities in which we’re working, as well as information (including time diaries) collected through ActionAid International (AAI) and AAI Kenya’s Making Care Visible Programme. The aim of the programme is to help AAI Kenya develop a two pronged strategy:

  • Working with reflect groups to make unpaid care visible through specific policy asks
  • Working with AAI Kenya and their national partners to advocate for policy changes at the national level

These photo-stories introduce the work AAI and AAI Kenya are doing to make care visible in Kenya.

For more information on our 2013 workshop on unpaid care in Nairobi, Kenya, you can download our report.

Making Unpaid Care Work Visible in Tangulbei and Bamburi, Kenya

An ActionAid International and ActionAid Kenya Programme. Women in the communities of Tangulbei and Bamburi have used their Bloggies - mobile cameras - to capture their unpaid care work

Unpaid Care Work Workshop in Kenya

A capacity building workshop held in Nairobi in July 2013 to develop an advocacy strategy for the visibility of women’s unpaid care work