Workshop: Situating Unpaid Care: Research and Policy Context

The Centre for Gender and Social Transformation at BRAC Development Institute (BDI) organised a workshop in September 2013 in Dhaka to bring together Bangladeshi activists, researchers and policymakers to continue the discussion about about the relative invisibility of unpaid care and how to tackle this. The workshop involved presentations of findings of a literature review of unpaid care work in Bangladesh and brought together an unusual combination of officials from government (Statistics, Social Welfare and Women’s ministries/agencies), from national and international NGOs and civil society organisations, and researchers and activists.

During the workshop a presentation was made on a literature reveiw, conducted by BDI, on existing policies and research on unpaid care work changes in Bangladesh context. There was also a session on the integration of unpaid care work into policy. These were followed by a discussion session which allowed participants to provide their comments on the presentations, give their suggestions on what could be the “policy asks”, consider how to build partnerships around these and how to advocate for these at different fora. The workshop concluded with a series of commitments and undertakings by each participant to identify and include unpaid care work in their work and activities.

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Thoughts from the BRAC Development Institute (BDI)

BDI Interview

The BRAC Development Institute at BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the partners on the IDS unpaid care work programme. In this video Lead Researcher, Sohela Nazneen and Research Fellow Lopita Huq are joined by Co-founder of the Centre for Gender and Social Transformation, Maheen Sultan. They explain what 'unpaid care' means to them and talk about the institute's work to make care visible.

Inception workshop

In June 2012 an inception workshop was held on the topic of unpaid care, in which the questions were asked: 'what is unpaid care and why are we interested in it?'