Effective organised activism against gender based violence (GBV)

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Collective action and tackling gender-based violence (GBV)

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Guidelines for investigating conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence against men and boys

These guidelines, developed and produced by the Institute for International Criminal Investigations, are designed to assist criminal-justice and human-rights investigators, reporters and monitors around the globe to fully and properly monitor, document and investigate those forms sexual and gender-based violence against men and boys that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide and other violations of international humanitarian, criminal and human-rights law.

Engaging men in activism against sexual and gender-based violence

A new IDS policy briefing summarises the key findings of a global research programme on effective organised activism against sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). It highlights the importance of addressing the underlying structural causes of violence showing that men are becoming more visible as partners in tackling SGBV, holding themselves and others accountable for maintaining harmful gender norms that perpetuate violence.

Building alliances to address sexual and gender-based violence

It is now widely accepted that effective strategies to end sexual and gender-based violence must engage with men and boys. However, as highlighted by a new IDS policy brief, the relationship between traditional women’s rights movements and organisations working on engaging men and boys is an uneasy one. The paper makes recommendations on how to build better alliances for the future.

MenEngage Partnership & Accountability blog series

MenEngage have brought together a blog series on accountability, tackling issues such as accountability to the women's and social justice movements for those working with men and boys for gender equality. Readers are invited to join the discussion, including via a link to the Interactions SGBV Dialogues post from Amel Fahmy in which she relays her ‘Aha’ moment on involving men and boys in addressing gender-based violence. 

Using video to change attitudes on sexual violence against men

In May 2015, the Refugee Law Project of Makerere University, together with IDS, embarked on a project that sought to document and understand men’s collective action in response to sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). Unusually, it considered a case in which men’s action is focused on responding to the sexual violence they have themselves experienced, rather than as change agents in attitudes towards violence against women. Some key aspects of the project were individual video testimonies and a participatory film.


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