Effective organised activism against gender based violence (GBV)

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Collective action and tackling gender-based violence (GBV)

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Breaking the silence over male rape in conflict-related sexual violence

What makes it possible for male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence to organise and become activists, challenging discriminatory social and gender norms? This question is addressed in a new study from IDS, the Refugee Law Project and Men of Hope Refugee Association Uganda which also looks at the the role of third-party service providers and non-governmental organisations.

Mean Streets: Identifying and Responding to Urban Refugees' Risks of GBV

This report synthesizes learning from four urban settings around the globe: Kampala (Uganda), Quito (Ecuador), Beirut (Lebanon) and Delhi (India). It contains recommendations on how humanitarian actors, including policymakers, donors and practitioners, can mitigate the gender-based violence risks faced by urban refugees.


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