Kat’ Eidak (Off with your hand!)

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  • Ahmed Wagih
Working in public requires specific strategies.We need to inform the police that we’re doing something and get permits. If we’re going to be on the Corniche, we need to contact the people who run the boats and the peddlers there. If we’re going to Talaat Harb, for example, we should talk to shop owners. If we have good relations with them, they could help us, especially in cases of group harassment. They could support us. So there must be a planning team, a survey or research team. People need to be trained on how to deal with harassers, how to respond to people who say that girls like to be harassed. We need to try to convey to people that it’s wrong, to tell them they have a social disease, that society has given them erroneous ideas and we’re trying to correct them.