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  • Fathi Farid
All the civil parties were there, their leaders too, the men and women—they were all at that event. It was a really special day. Many of them have nothing to do with women’s issues in Egypt. So when you take to the street with Kazeboon, the Coalition of Egyptian Revolutionaries, and the Second Revolution of Rage, these are revolutionary entities that go out to fight the Interior Ministry. You’re not on their agenda. They don’t know about you. They’re a political faction, an important faction that has an impact on your movement and your agenda. They believe in the civil state, where my rights and your rights are protected, but they’re not involved in this fight. It’s not theirs and they don’t see it. We made them see it. The new idea was that we made all these people who didn’t see, see. This is in addition to the original partners like Bassma and Nefssi and all the feminist organizations. They were original partners with us.