Case study

Tuyisenge Marie Rose

10-year-old boy has no time to rest while his mother Marie Rose struggles to make ends meet
My son gets tired too since combining school and unpaid work at home is tiresome. When am not around he does not get time to rest but while [I] am around he goes because is his time to play.

Marie Rose Tuyisenge is 28 years old, and lives with her two sons in Mbazi sector, Huye District, Rwanda. Her eldest son (aged ten) attends school at pre-Primary level, whereas her youngest (aged five) does not. Marie Rose herself does not hold any level of formal education. She does paid work on her neighbour’s farm and does temporary work in construction. She typically does paid work for eight hours a day and the furthest she walks to a place of work is 60 minutes each way. The income that she earns is variable, and as such she struggles to cover basic living costs. 

Marie Rose is responsible for all the care work at home; she says, ‘I usually do a lot of care work at home like cleaning the compound, washing clothes, cooking, cultivating. I also should provide care to my children.’ When Marie Rose is not around, her son does the care work and also cares for his younger brother as Marie Rose’s place of work does not offer any childcare facilities. He fetches water, collects firewood, cleans the house, and sometimes prepares food. However, Marie Rose feels that care work affects her son, and she says, ‘My son gets tired too since combining school and unpaid work at home is tiresome. When am not around he does not get time to rest but while [I] am around he goes because is his time to play.’ During her son’s examination periods, Marie Rose does the care work alone and gets tired because of being overworked:  

Care work affects me since most of the time I do not get enough time to rest. I am busy with lots of care work at home. I sometimes overwork while doing care work, especially when my son is in examination period; I have to do all the care work at home. 

Marie Rose’s children would be happier if she could stay with them all the time. However, it is not possible as she needs to do paid work:  

Sometimes they do not like it because whenever they need to be with me, they find out that I am not available to be with them due to different types of work I have. They do not get me when they need me since I am always busy with paid and unpaid work. 

Marie Rose would like the government to build houses in legal areas for vulnerable people and also to buy them health insurance cards. She would also like them to provide vulnerable people with improved seeds and other inputs so that she could improve crop production. 

About Tuyisenge Marie Rose

Household (Nuclear)
Female headed
2 children
Male(s) absent
No care responsibilties for disabled people
No migrant(s)
No care responsibilties for older people
Children caring
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