Case study

Hirwa Yvette

Lack of water facilities in the village exacerbates the work that Yvette does, leaving her with no choice but to rely on her young daughters to help her complete all her household activities
She finds fetching water and working in the garden the most difficult activities. Paid work takes most of her time and travelling to work is also very time consuming.

Hirwa Yvette is 40-years-old and is a widow. She lives with her two daughters who attend school. Her highest level of education is Primary. She usually works eight hours per day in Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP), made up of cash transfers, public works and financial services, aimed to eradicate extreme poverty by 2020. She is also a member of a small self-help group that save money together so that they can borrow from that group when needed. She does not own land for farming so she does paid work for her neighbours to support her family. She sometimes encounters problems with this, for example, if she arrives late to work then she does not receive payment for that day. 

Yvette does most of care work such as fetching water, taking care of her children, cooking, sweeping and cleaning house. She is supported by her children when they are back from school. His elder daughter helps her with cooking, fetching water and collecting firewood.  It is challenging for her to combine paid and care work because she is often sick and nobody else in the family is there to support her. She finds fetching water and working in the garden the most difficult activities.  Paid work takes most of her time and travelling to work is also very time consuming.  

As a solution, Yvette suggests the government should provide her with health insurance and also livestock like goats, pigs and cows. With these, she believes, she can generate more income. 

About Hirwa Yvette

Household (Nuclear)
Female headed
2 children
Male(s) absent
No care responsibilties for disabled people
No migrant(s)
No care responsibilties for older people
Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP)
Children caring
Public services
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