Men and collective action on SGBV: research in progress workshop resources

These readings are intended to be thought provoking and to feed into discussions around the workshop.

The Overview Report and In Brief bulletin | Gender and Social Movements

BRIDGE, 2013

This report provides an in-depth exploration of theory, case studies and key learning and routes to change drawn from the BRIDGE Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Programme. The programme aims to bring a gender perspective into the work of social justice movements, and support gender justice movements worldwide. The report is intended for a broad audience interested and/or involved in work around social movements and on women's rights and gender justice. It contains:

  • A framework for understanding social justice movements and some of the debates, challenges and tensions they face.
  • An introduction to women's and feminist movements, their visions and strategies, and the gains they have made over recent decades.
  • An overview of responses by broader social justice movements to issues of women's rights and gender justice.
  • An assessment of common challenges in building gender-just movements.
  • A description of the core elements of gender-just movements.
  • Some practical routes for nurturing social justice movements that challenge unjust gender power relations in all domains.

The following resources were sent in as suggestions for further reading:

Matt York sent in this paper exploring the use of an education programme for young men and boys in South Africa which showed significant efficacy in lessening SGBV behaviours.

One Billion Rising/Jagori Rural in India got in touch with two of their recent newsletters which document collective action for a gender just society:

Michael Flood got in touch with a number of reports and articles on men and SGBV: