Global Care Advocacy workshop: Resources

Here we bring together some key resources for the Global Care Advocacy workshop, At the workshop, these documents were provided on a usb card for delegates. For more resources on Unpaid Care, see our key reading on Unpaid Care

The Overview Report and In Brief bulletin | Gender and Social Movements

BRIDGE, 2013

This report provides an in-depth exploration of theory, case studies and key learning and routes to change drawn from the BRIDGE Gender and Social Movements Cutting Edge Programme. The programme aims to bring a gender perspective into the work of social justice movements, and support gender justice movements worldwide. The report is intended for a broad audience interested and/or involved in work around social movements and on women's rights and gender justice. It contains:

  • A framework for understanding social justice movements and some of the debates, challenges and tensions they face.
  • An introduction to women's and feminist movements, their visions and strategies, and the gains they have made over recent decades.
  • An overview of responses by broader social justice movements to issues of women's rights and gender justice.
  • An assessment of common challenges in building gender-just movements.
  • A description of the core elements of gender-just movements.
  • Some practical routes for nurturing social justice movements that challenge unjust gender power relations in all domains.