Further resources

These resources give further background information on the issues around sexual and gender-based violence in Uganda.


Dolan, C. (2015) Letting go of the gender binary: charting new pathways for humanitarian intervention on gender-based violence, International Review of the Red Cross (May-2015).  

Dolan, C. (2014a), Has Patriarchy been Stealing the Feminists' Clothes? Conflict-related Sexual Violence and UN Security Council Resolutions. IDS Bulletin, 45: 80–84. 

Dolan, C. (2014b) Into the Mainstream: Addressing Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in Conflict, A briefing paper prepared for the workshop held at the Overseas Development Institute, London, 14 May 2014, London UK: Plan, Refugee Law Project and War Child UK 

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RLP and IHRLC (2013) Promoting Accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Against Men: A Comparative Legal Analysis of International and Domestic Laws Relating to IDP and Refugee Men in Uganda, Refugee Law Project Working Paper No. 24, Refugee Law Project Makerere University, School of Law, Uganda and The International Human Rights Law Clinic (IHRLC) University Of California, Berkeley, School of Law, USA 

Shahrokh, T. (2014) From Dakar to Delhi: Politicising thinking and policy discourse on men and masculinities, Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies 

RLP (2014) Resource Pack on Working with Men and Boys on Sexual and Gender Violence Issues, Uganda: Refugee Law Project

RLP (2013) Report of 1st South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys, Uganda: Refugee Law Project, and Video


The Bench 

This docudrama, conceived and acted by members of the refugee support group 'Men of Hope', and based on true stories, captures the multiple challenges refugees face while trying to access services in their host country, Uganda.

Unbearable Experiences 

A short video directed and produced in in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Isingiro District, Uganda by 'Men of Peace', an association of male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence based in the settlement. 

Video advocacy documentaries

The Video Advocacy Unit of Refugee Law Project is uses audio-visual medium as a tool for activism and to share the work of RLP and highlight the plight of forced migrants in Uganda. Their films can be viewed here.

Gender Against Men (2009) 

‘Gender Against Men' is an advocacy-oriented documentary exposing the hidden world of sexual and gender based violence against men in the conflicts of the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

They Slept With Me (2012) 

‘They Slept With Me’ documents the experiences of individual men’s sexual victimisation at the hands of government soldiers in the late 1980s and early 1990s in northern Uganda, and explores attitudes towards justice for survivors.

1st South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys (2014) 

This video highlights the way in which the Institute, under the heading Towards Inclusive Responses to Sexual and Gender Based Violence opened up space for male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence to speak about their experiences and reflect with a range of practitioners and academics on the implications of what they had been through.