Diverse actors working together to end gender violence

This database presents the profiles of formal and informal movements, organisations and agencies that are taking action to address sexual and gender-based violence in Cape Town and the Matzikama area of the Western Cape, South Africa, including those that work to engage men and boys in this process of change.

Relationships with these organisations have been built through their interest and involvement in case study research exploring the issue of how collective action contributes to addressing the structural inequalities and discriminatory social norms that perpetuate SGBV, and the role of men and boys in enabling transformative change. The research process for this case study engaged with members of civil society organisations, faith-based organisations, academic research and advocacy centres, service providers and community activists. Those organisations involved in the study that are committed to the meaningful involvement of men and boys, and the forging and strengthening of strategic alliances for gender justice to address SGBV have been included here. Organisations self-selected in relation to this criteria.

Stakeholder mapping processes engaged new actors during the Cape Town case study

Name Description
Business Against Crime Western Cape

Business Against Crime Western Cape's vision is to create a safe and secure Western Cape where people and businesses thrive without the threats of crime and violence.

Childline South Africa

A Child Protection Organisation encompassing prevention, early intervention and response to child abuse and neglect issues, including advocacy, training and research.

Free Gender Free Gender

Free Gender is a black lesbian organisation based in Khayelitsha township of Cape Town. As human rights defenders, we are also gender friendly towards transgender and intersex persons in our community. The organisation was founded in 2008 and have since participated in various protests, political meetings and guest talks at academic and public forums.

Gender Transformation Network Gender Transformation Network (GTN)

Works to improve the health and well-being of people in the poorest communities of South Africa, through sharing its expertise in sexual and reproductive health and transforming the quality of life of community members. The organisation promotes gender equality, gender equity, advocates for sound practices and policies, and inspires people to assert their rights to better, healthier lives.

Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM)

IAM is an advocacy/lobbyist Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) registered with the Department of Social Development, with status as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO)with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). It is constituted as a trust with beneficiaries from the wider Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities and mainline faith communities.

MOSAIC Training, Service & Healing Centre for Women

Targeting gender-based violence in all its forms since 1993, MOSAIC is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), offering a holistic set of interventions, expertise, knowledge and experience in the areas of violence against women, domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual and reproductive health.

People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSAP)

A community-based non-profit organisation and grassroots movement that works to protect and promote the rights of all refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in South Africa. PASSOP believes in and advocates for equality and justice for people across all societies, irrespective of nationality, age, gender, race, creed, disability or sexual orientation.

Sonke Gender Justice Sonke Gender Justice

Sonke Gender Justice is a South African-based NGO that works across Africa to strengthen government, civil society and citizen capacity to support men and boys in taking action to promote gender equality, prevent domestic and sexual violence, and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS.

South African Care Workers Forum South African Care Workers Forum

Community care workers from different organisations have established a forum for community care workers to create a platform where workers can engage with policy and decision makers about matters which affect them, and build solidarity and consensus with local, provincial, national and international sectors.

South African Council of Churches Western Cape (SACCWC)

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) is an interdenominational forum of more than 23 member churches and organisations. It works for moral reconstruction in South Africa, focusing on issues of justice, reconciliation, integrity of creation and the eradication of poverty and contributing towards the empowerment of all who are spiritually, socially and economically marginalised.

Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation

The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation seeks to contribute towards eliminating poverty through undertaking original research and engaging with communities to develop and advance innovative approaches to strengthening livelihoods.