Profiles of Collective Actors

Since 2011, there has been extensive collective action in Egypt around gender based violence, distinguished by a high level of youth involvement and male participation and leadership. In order to understand youth and male agency in collective efforts to address sexual harassment on the streets of Egypt, IDS partnered with the Social Research Center at the American University in Cairo. Together with Lawyers for Justice and Peace, we held a scoping workshop to map out some of the key collective actors, and to decide upon the criteria we for selecting the actors to be added to the database. These criteria are:

  • Collective actors that emerged in the post-Mubarak era
  • Informal collective actors 
  • Actively contributing to stopping gender-based violence in public space
  • Ensuring men’s involvement whether as leaders or active participants
  • Ongoing initiatives at the time of research
  • Effective initiatives 

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Conclusions and findings from collective actor studies

Details of our initial findings, including

  • Factors shaping the formation of collective actors
  • Factors influencing the relative success of these initiatives

Profiles of collective actors

Name Description
Arab Women Uprising

A feminist movement which circulates news about events that are affecting women in all Arab countries, avoiding dependence on formal resources of information such as newspapers or formal media.

Baheya Ya Misr Aims to defend social justice issues, in particular women’s citizen rights, lobbying against the constitution and raising awareness within the wider population
Bassma (Imprint)

Tackles issues that it perceives to be neglected in the community such as sexual harassment, street children, literacy and raising awareness on rights, renowned for security patrols

Fouada Watch Monitors and documents the performance of the government on gender issues
Harrassmap Documents where sexual harassment is happening and give victims a chance to report on it
Kat’ Eidak (Off with your hand!) Work on preventing sexual harassment
Nefssi (I wish/I would like to/I want)

Aims to tackle sexual harassment in a different way, For example, members have organised human chain protests

Operation Anti Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH)

Fights against pre-planned forms of gang sexual assault on women during demonstrations

Shar’ia Wai’ (An aware/alert street)

Work in unconventional spaces, using art to address harrassment

Shoft Taharosh (Harassment Seen)

A coalition of groups addressing sexual harassment and awareness raising

Teh Marboutah

In the Arabic language tehmarbouta is a letter, which grammatically, when placed at the end of a word makes it feminine