Assessing Unpaid Care Work: A Participatory Toolkit

This is a participatory toolkit for understanding unpaid care work and its distribution within local communities and families. Together, these tools provide a way of ascertaining and capturing research participants’ understanding of women’s unpaid care work – giving special attention to the lived experiences of carrying out unpaid care work and receiving care. Please note that these tools were developed and used in a pre-Covid-19 era and that they are designed to be implemented through face-to-face interactions rather than online means.


Feminist Everyday Observatory Tool

This toolkit presents the Feminist Everyday Observatory Tool, which can be used by researchers of the everyday and of gender structures of time, space, violence and social reproduction. It makes the argument for bringing together two important methodologies that study the everyday – Time-Use Surveys and Shadowing. It discusses the strengths of Time-use Survey and Shadowing as methodologies and shows where the gaps lie in their design. The toolkit addresses these gaps by introducing a Three Step Method developed through trialing this methodology in pilot studies in India, Ukraine, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.