National and district advocacy

National workshop

19th September 2017

A national stakeholders' workshop to disseminate the findings of the study was organized in Dar es Salaam on 19th September 2017 by Oxfam Tanzania. The national stakeholders’ workshop was brilliantly facilitated, and produced a variety of suggestions for how to take the work of the GrOW further up to national policymakers, as well as how to take unpaid care work into account in Oxfam programming, work related to water and sanitation, feminist activism, and in other organizational strategies. 

District workshop

21st September 2017

A district-level workshop to disseminate the findings of the study was held in Lushoto on 21st September 2017. The meeting saw a high turnout from not only research participants, but also from the local government, Women Development Fund (WDF) programme staff, and elected Counsellors, and there was strong enthusiasm for the research, which was widely seen as adding value.

The Counsellors committed to taking forward the recommendations from the research, with one man even jumping up to say that from now on he would be setting an example by helping his wife with the domestic work, taking children to the clinic etc. In general, the workshop had a very good atmosphere and discussions in small groups resulted in rich, concrete suggestions for how different stakeholders might take the learning forward