Personal stories

Case studies are being generated as part of the research on gender-based violence to help illustrate the key issues.

As each case study is produced, it will be posted here.

Journeys to activism: video testimonies from survivors

Five activists, all refugees, all men, all survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in their country of origin, share their personal perspectives on collective action and their individual decisions to speak out in Uganda where they are now living. They talk about how speaking out has changed their lives and helped them to recover from devastating attacks. The videos were produced by the Video Advocacy Unit of the Refugee Law Project in Uganda.

Male survivors responding to sexual violence in Uganda

The aim of this case study is to explore, analyse and document the role of men in collective action in response to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the context of experiencing violence, oppression, stigmatisation and marginalisation, including as refugees.

Stories for change: digital storytelling and collective action to end sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa

This case study explores the value and limitations of collective action in challenging the community, political, social and economic institutions that reinforce harmful gender norms related to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). A digital storytelling process formed the heart of the case study.

Video stories: activists' personal journeys

Case study research in Uttar Pradesh, India, aims to improve understanding and knowledge of the changing roles of men in addressing gender-based violence and how and why collective action holds possibilities as an effective strategy to support this.

Ending gender violence together: a view from Cape Town at the Delhi Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Justice

Sonke Gender Justice, the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation and the Institute of Development Studies conducted case study research in South Africa between June and November 2014 to explore how collective action contributes to addressing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), and the role of men and boys in enabling transformative change.

Silencing those who speak out against gender-based violence in Egypt: a personal account

A young woman who attended the workshop in Egypt spoke about her own experience of being the victim of sexual harassment in front of Metro Cinema on the first day of eid el adha feast. Ironically she was there as part of a youth group that had formed and gathered in downtown Cairo to monitor acts of sexual harassment and report on them. A young man touched her on her leg and then walked away as if he had not done anything. A few minutes later, the same young man came and touched her buttocks.