The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.
The Impact Initiative has closed. This website has now been archived and will no longer be updated.
The project in Brazil, China, and India aims to improve the understanding of the links among energy costs and use, the transformation of food supply chains including analysis of horticulture and dairy supply and technologies, and poverty alleviation to formulate policy pathways towards more optimal energy use.
Varanasi, India

Principal Investigator: Glyn Owain Williams. Lead Organisation: University of Sheffied

Principal Investiagtor: Sonia Bhalotra. Lead Organisation: University of Bristol

Muslim children in India face lower mortality risks than Hindu children. This is surprising because Muslims have, on average, lower socio-economic status, higher fertility, shorter birth-spacing, lower autonomy amongst women, and are a minority group in India that, in principle, might live in areas that have poorer public provision. This project is motivated by this puzzle.

Life in Jojawar (Rajasthan, India)
India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act contains transparency mechanisms to ensure that resources and information reach the poor. This project assesses the Act to examine the degree that transparency mechanisms enhance poor people's access to information.
An exploratory qualitative study of three South Asian countries to illuminate how social forms and organisations in health are created, managed and sustained, including key roles in the development of medicine and health services knowledge.
Principal Investigator: Geert Neve. Lead Organisation: University of Sussex (School of Global Studies)

Co-Investigator: Grace Margaret Carswell (University of Sussex)
Dharavi clothes factory
This research project examines labour conditions at firm level in Shanghai and Delhi, focusing on the garment and construction sectors and investigating how the working poor in these sectors fared from the global recession to date.

Principal Investigation: Antonia Jannetje (Tanja) Houweling. Lead Organisation: University College London

Co-investiagtors: Eddy Van Doorslaer; David Osrin; Anthony Costello; Neena Shah More; Kishwar Azad; Naomi Margaret Saville; Sonia Odette Lewycka; Prasanta Kishore Tripathy; Dharma Sharna Manandhar; Joanna Lynn Morrison; Glyn Alcock

Principal Investigator: Alistair Munro. Lead Organisation: Royal Holloway, University of London

Co-investigators: Vegard Iversen; Nitya Rao; Arjan Verschoor; Cecile Jackson; Bereket Kebede

Wordled Jeju Declaration from the September 2012 #iucncongress
Researchers will study human development in its many dimensions from early infanthood throughout childhood as well as the policies implemented to target these dimensions to identify mechanisms that underlie the accumulation of human capital.


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