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The Gender and Health Equity Network is a partnership of national and international institutions concerned with developing and implementing policies to improve gender and health equity, particularly in resource constrained environments.

A first phase was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). It developed the evidence base for gender inequalities in health and built up the international partnership. The second phase builds on the insights generated in phase 1 to carry out intervention studies in four countries. These studies are using a range of participatory methodologies working with local stakeholders to implement interventions to improve health equity.

Countries participating in the intervention phase are:

These were chosen for two reasons. First, they represent international diversity. The inclusion of India and Mozambique means that the complexities of poverty and gender are addressed. China is an example of a country in rapid transition to a liberalised economy which is having profound impacts on the provision of health care across the population and particularly for the rural poor. Sweden is in many ways a "gold standard" country where intense efforts continue to be made to tackle health inequalities, including those related to gender.

On this site you can see who the partners are, read summaries of the country case studies, and find out more about resources on gender and health equity.

ghen produces newsletters once or twice a year. You can download the most recent version here (Issue 3, Autumn 2004) in word or pdf [134Kb] format.

ghen is a partnership project whose website is hosted by the IDS server.

Members of the ghen network can access key network documentation here.

Papers that are available in pdf format can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free for downloading from Adobe's website

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