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About the GDR


The Governance and Development Review aims to provide people with a broad policy interest in the field of governance and development with efficient, contextualised information about significant new research findings and ideas. It provides summaries of, and critical commentary on, significant new research output: the kind of material that changes our understanding of the issues.

The Review is intended as a 'knowledge point' to be accessed occasionally by users, knowing that they are likely to find interesting ideas and material, independent commentary, and a presentation format that is economical with their time. Essentially, the Review has been developed to help users cope with information overload.

The Review was launched in January 2002, in connection with the The Centre for the Future State. Its contributors are experienced researchers and scholars, from the Institute of Development Studies and elsewhere. This site is not a vehicle for promoting research done by the Centre, but is a service for the research and policymaking communities.

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